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Verizon 'Gadget Guru' talks back-to-school tech – WNDU-TV

The start of school is soon approaching, and some new technology can help kids start the year ahead of the game.

Verizon’s ‘Gadget Guru’ Steve Van Dinter joined us in studio with some technology that can make back to school a success.

LG Gizmo Gadget
“What this is for that age of kid that wants to have a smartphone but maybe his parents aren’t ready to give that to them. This is nice because you put it on the wrist, kind of like Dick Tracy. It has the ability to call up to ten pre-programmed phone numbers. So putting mom and dad or maybe someone who picks them up from school — get them in on that device. They can reach out to those folks. They can receive phone calls from anyone. That’s the nice thing is that if you have to give this phone number out, they can receive that phone call and pick it up. They can also receive text messages as well. So, if you need to send a short message to them, they’ve got it but they’re prevented from calling or texting whoever they want. And the battery life on it is nice as well. It’s also waterproof and drop proof so you don’t have to worry about that oops incident and having to get a new device.”

Google Home
“This is cool. It’s like having a smart assistant or a tutor sitting right there on the counter. What I love about this device is that for students that are just starting to learn foreign languages, they can say, “Ok, Google, how do I say ‘I’m going to school today’ in Spanish?” Google Home will respond to that. Or if they’re looking for math help or wondering who the 32nd President of the United States was, they can ask those questions and get immediate answers back. It’s also nice for setting timers if you want to take a break after studying for an hour, or for mom and dad to say “When that timer goes off, you have to get back to the books.” It can do that as well, in addition to the family home.”

Gizmo Tab
“We don’t necessarily want to give an iPad any age student, especially those younger ones. We want to make sure they graduate into apps and other educational items that are age appropriate for them. So what the Gizmo Tab is is just that: it’s an age-appropriate device. I’m going to go ahead and flip it on. I’ve got one child in here named Hudson and I’m going to go ahead and click on him. He’s got age appropriate for him a five year old child. So, it’s an island of apps that I’ve selected for him and, as a parent, I have a pin to go in and actually choose how old he is and then go ahead, and say he’s ok or not. You can set timers for breaks when they need to get away from the screen for a little bit. And as parents we may want to use the device as well so you can go in and put your pin in and it actually unlocks and it’s a full functioning android tablet. So, they can actually graduate into a full-fledged tablet when they’re ready. But these have all been hand curated so you don’t have worry about the content. Just something we worry about as parents.”

Galaxy Book
“This is a super device. This is actually a hybrid between a laptop and a tablet. So if you pull it off it will become a tablet and it has a nice stylus that goes with it. Or if I attach it back on, which is magnetic, as you see with the keyboard it’s a full-fledged laptop, so it runs all the things you can run with your Windows laptop, it actually runs Windows 10 itself. It is a powerful device, perfect for an elementary school but probably more appropriate for the high school or college age where you need to take those notes and because it has a stylus that pressure-sensitive so you can actually press down a little harder and make the pen ink a little darker.”

“Penzi was a journaling app, so if your child likes to tell stories, a great way for them to journal and have them all stay the same place in the cloud. And the next app over here, you’ve got Google Calendar, which is a free app to download. There’s a feature most people don’t known about called Google Goals. You just hit the plus sign on the bottom right hand corner, click on goal and now you can see everything from choosing to exercise more, building a skill, scheduling for a class; also putting in me time which is very important as well. You do that, it auto schedules your calendar and puts those things in the spot where you want them.”

You can find most of these items at your local Verizon store or at verizonwireless.com.

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