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Police release video of Alameda Starbucks laptop thieves – SFGate

Published 11:09 am, Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Alameda Police Department has released video depicting two young men who stole laptops out of customers’ hands at Starbucks cafes in Alameda on September 4.

One incident took place at the Starbucks location at 1364 Park Street; the other location, which thieves targeted shortly thereafter, is at 2671 Blanding Avenue. 

The authorities suspect that the men may also be responsible for or linked to other, similar laptop thefts at other nearby cafes, including at a Peet’s also in Alameda, chronicled in the above KTVU report.

Both suspects are described as young African-American men aged 18-20. One was wearing a black knit beanie cap, and blue shirt, and blue jeans; the other wore a black hoodie sweatshirt, black jeans, and red tennis shoes.

Other thefts have occurred at the Starbucks located at 720 Atlantic Avenue in Alameda on September 17 and July 29 (the latter of which involved four thieves), at the Peet’s on Webster Street on September 10, and at the Park Street Starbucks on August 6 and July 18. The thefts follow a rising trend of bold laptop thefts across the Bay Area.

The Alameda Police Department ask that any information be directed to them at (510) 337-8340.

Alyssa Pereira is an SFGATE staff writer. Email her at apereira@sfchronicle.com or find her on Twitter at @alyspereira.

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