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Bandai Namco on Dark Souls PC remaster: 'There is no discount' – PC Gamer

Despite what you might have heard online yesterday, it appears owners of the original Dark Souls will not be in-line for a 50 percent discount of Dark Souls: Remastered via Steam. 

That’s according to a spokesperson from publisher Bandai Namco who, when asked about the possibility of reduced rates for existing PC players, said: “I have been told it is the same price for all platforms. There is no discount.”

Another theory doing the rounds yesterday suggested the Dark Souls remaster will employ Dark Souls 3’s engine. Prominent Souls commentator VaatiVidya appeared to refute the idea with this tweet last night, whereas Bandai Namco informed me it “[couldn’t] shed light on the other question” in reference to my own engine-related queries. 

Discount or not, Dark Souls: Remastered is due on PC on May 25, 2018—check out our announcement news story for more details in this direction.

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